“I had two awesome experiences since our last lesson…One was while sitting at my desk on a chat, I focused on letting all my weight down on my sits bones and allowing my torso to be free to rise up and WOW, it cause a RUSH of relaxation that was so overwhelming. I never had any idea how much my torso muscles were compressing my spine! Another was after you pointed out that the scapula must be able to move, I find that my left scapula was locked and blocking my breathing freely. It’s going to take plenty of practice to free it completely but already it’s a beautiful experience!”

~T.D., student

60 Minutes – $75.00

Discounted rate for students and performing artists

10% off for a 10 pack

15% off for a 20 pack

Lesson Description

The recommended course is 20 lessons, depending on the student’s participation and the initial level of functioning. A lesson consists of guided basic movements such as sitting, standing, walking, bending, reaching, carrying, and lying down. The teacher guides the balancing of the head, neck, and torso relationship throughout all activities. My primary approach is to improve one’s self-care. Over the course of lessons, the student acquires a new index of postural awareness.

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Group Classes and Workshops

It can be highly beneficial to watch others learn. I teach group classes and workshops in my studio or at a home/office for people of all ages and professions. Actors, singers, dancers, and musicians to hone their instrument and their body, as a vehicle for artistic expression; Athletes, surgeons, and other performance-based fields to improve fine motor coordination, speed, and accuracy of movement, endurance, and balance; Children to maintain their natural coordination and lightness. 

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What to Wear

  • Loose comfortable clothing
  • Shoes off is suggested; socks are optional.
  • Refrain from wearing shorter skirts