About Jocelyn

Jocelyn Vorenberg obtained her certification from AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique, amsatonline.org), the largest professional organization of Alexander Technique teachers in the United States. Certified teachers complete 1600 hours of coursework. Jocelyn currently has a private practice and leads workshops in the Alexander Technique to children and adults. You can currently take in-person or online classes via Zoom for Violin or The Alexander Technique.

 In addition to her passion for teaching online and in-person both the Alexander Technique and violin, Jocelyn has been a violinist with Richmond Symphony since 2003. She frequently plays solo and chamber music recitals with colleagues throughout the country. 

She holds degrees from Interlochen Arts Academy, Rice University, and the Cleveland Institute of Music, and a doctorate from The Catholic University of America. Jocelyn has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University, Interlochen Summer Arts Camp, The Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory Program, and The Eastern Music Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

When not performing or teaching, she enjoys being active in the pool, outside, and on a yoga mat. She is the lucky mother of 5-year-old twins, Avery and Campbell, and wife to Andy Vorenberg, a colorectal surgeon in Richmond, VA.  

“As a dental hygienist, poor positioning and repetitive motions happen on a daily basis. Working with Jocelyn has helped me make lasting changes unlike anything else I have tried. Jocelyn has dedicated great attention to finding the best ways to improve my movements on a physiological level. Her knowledge about the Alexander technique and ability to tap into the bodies biofeedback system leave a lasting, positive effect.”

– Sarah Z.

 Jocelyn’s story

I came to this practice due to discomfort every time I played my violin. I got to the point where I’d wake up, begin practicing and it felt like I had been practicing for 5 hours already. I was due for a solution rather than another fix on a massage table. So I started my weekly lessons with the Alexander Technique. The first lesson I walked out feeling different/better but didn’t know why. After the first month, my acute pains started to dull. After three months, my back and neck pain was greatly reduced and under my control. Everything felt better and just continues to get better as I practice it and apply it to my daily life. In addition to feeling more comfortable and fluid, this method is helping me to perform with more ease. I knew I wasn’t meeting my potential in performance and practicing the Alexander Technique has really helping me to do that. 

“Although I have been studying the Alexander Technique for several years, Jocelyn always offers me a new perspective or idea. She is an observant and thoughtful teacher. I highly recommend working with her.”

Melissa F.

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