Injury Prevention and Postural Alignment

Lessons are currently available through zoom as well as in-person. Now is a great time to work on your posture, start new habits, and relieve pain!

“Jocelyn Vorenberg is a wonderfully compassionate, caring teacher who tailors lessons to suit the student. Her intuitive ‘ hands-on’ work, guidance, and sharing of resources has opened the door to how much power I have over my body and has led to more awareness and less pain. If you are looking for an Alexander Technique teacher, I highly recommend Jocelyn.”

Dancer and retired accountant

“Working with Jocelyn on the Alexander Technique has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities. In just a few sessions, I find myself with a heightened awareness of myself, in both the practice of my music and in day-to-day life. The growth and personal development have been tangible and significant, and I highly recommend working with her to musicians and non-musicians alike!”  

Principal Trombonist, The Richmond Symphony 

What is The Alexander Technique and how can it relieve tension? 

In our “Just get the job done” world we can lose track of how much energy it costs us to do the simplest tasks. Our tendency is to mindlessly rush through the day and ignore the wisdom of minding the moment. 

So what can we do about this and how can the Technique help?  

This Technique allows you to develop greater awareness of postural habits that get in the way of your natural coordination. You learn the skills to undo these patterns and to make the choice to move without them. In online lessons using verbal instruction from the teacher, you learn how to go about your daily activities with increasingly greater ease and less effort. 

Through a series of online lessons, you can discover improved mobility, postural alignment, energy level, performance, and effective relief from chronic back pain and tension.

All learning should begin with and rest upon a sound foundation of self-knowledge. Explore how The Alexander Technique can become a fundamental practice for living; a personal resource for choosing clarity of consciousness and freedom of movement. 

“I definitely enjoyed Dr. Vorenberg workshop on the Alexander Technique. She is evidently very knowledgeable on the subject. During the workshop she gave us plenty of clear and detailed  information on the Alexander Technique, and made us experience some of the elements that constitute a good posture and its benefits. It is a workshop addressed not only to instrumentalists but to anyone interested in developing good mind and body connections to improve their daily lives. It is a A+ workshop!!” 

Concert pianist and Instructor, Richmond, VA